Cracked pools are a common problem around our state and one that should be repaired quickly. This crack was leaking 2" of water a day. Underwater Operations repaired it in about an hour and a half, underwater!
Delaminated pool finishes are quite the eyesore, let Underwater Operations repair these before they grow larger and more costly.
Leaking pool should be of major concern to you due to the possibility of structural damage to the pool's shell. Pools can leak from several sources and Underwater Operations is able to locate and repair non plumbing leaks underwater.
Underwater Operations also repairs Pebble type finishes. Small repairs can be done underwater, but larger repairs must be done in an empty pool.
Pebble cut underwater
Rebar stains are caused by intense localized corrosion of the reinforcement bar, rebar, embedded in the shotcrete portion of the pool. Underwater Operations has successfully repaired thousands of rebar stains across the state of Arizona.
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We are an innovative pool repair company that has been repairing pools underwater for Arizona homeowners and pool builders since 1994.
Underwater Operations
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Read about us for more information on the pool repair work we do. Our Frequently Asked Questions and blog pages can answer questions you may have and help you decide if you are ready for an “Underwater Operation”.
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