About Us
John Melder, Owner of Underwater Operations

No longer are pool owners kept out of the water for up to a week to complete a repair that includes a day of draining, repair time and 1 1/2 days of water refill. Swimming can resume minutes after an “Underwater Operation” repair and owners can avoid a sizable increase in their water bill and chemical start-up. In addition, there is no risk of plaster expansion in the dry Arizona climate, which can crack and further damage an empty, exposed pool.

John Melder owner of Underwater Operations states, “With our unique patented product, I can complete the average repair in just a few hours. When I jump out of the water, pool owners and their families can jump right back in. In fact, there’s no reason they couldn’t join me at the bottom to watch.”

We offer more than just an innovative approach to pool repair, Underwater Operations estimates it has saved Arizona millions of gallons of water over the last seventeen years. Quite a drop in the state’s water conservation bucket!

Many of the state’s major pool builders, universities and major resorts have, and continue, to use us for their repairs. Paddock Pools, Arizona Biltmore, Westin Keirland, ASU, NAU, L.A. Fitness, YMCA’s are just a few of my clients.

Underwater Operations specializes in rebar rust spot repair (reinforcement steel removal), leaking crack repairs, plaster resurfacing and offers leak detection services. A two year guarantee is standard on
most pools. Repairs are scheduled Monday through Friday.