8 Important Things To Consider Before Installing an In-ground Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
When choosing what type of pool you want it is important to do some thorough research before making any purchase. There are many pros and cons associated with the different types of pools,… Read More

Do It Yourself Dye Test

Dye Test
If your pool has a crack that starts in the tile and runs down the wall you can test for a leak without having to call and/or pay a service company. Below is a quick video of a crack on the wall of a plaster pool, I tested this … Read More

Rebar Stain Above Return Line

This is a nasty looking rebar rust stain is just above the return line and below the waterline tile. I certainly don’t want to damage the plumbing or tile so I’ll need to be careful when digging this one out. … Read More

Ice Diver!

Iced over pool
Boy, the last couple of weeks have been tough weather wise. Phoenix had overnight sub-freezing temps and near freezing daytime temps for a few days last week. One of those morning the combination of 34° air temp… Read More

This Spa Was Leaking a Little, In Many Places!

Leak Testing
I dye tested this in ground cement/plaster spa Christmas Eve, 2010. I was told it was losing water fast. It didn’t take me long to find out how and where it was leaking. The spa is just under two years old and I… Read More