Ironite Fertilizer Stains

Ironite Before
This is what happen when Ironite, or other fertilizer, ends up in your pool. I get calls from homeowners and landscape companies asking if I can help. Yes I can, but if there aren’t too many and you get to them quickly enough you… Read More

Leak At The Main Drain Line

Dye Test
Here is a rather aggressive leak at the main drain. At first I didn’t notice any voids around the perimeter of the plumbing line and finish material, but I did see a bit of fine dust and algae, so I started the dye test. The dye doesn’t lie… Read More


Overpriced Pop-up
Hold your mouse cursor over the pictures above to identify your brand of pop-up. These are some of the common types of pop-up cleaning heads I see in the Phoenix area. If you have pop-ups in your pool and unsure which brand they are… Read More

Auto Fill / Auto Leveler Plumbing Leaks

One of the first things I do when I walk into a customer’s backyard is look for wet or damp soil, I even do this when I’m not working, old habits die hard some say. I also look for efflorescence on decking, pavers and the landscape… Read More

Dye Testing a Crack for Leaks

Dye Test
I was ask by the pool builder to dye test and repair this cracked pool. This pool had two structural crack that were leaking and two others that weren’t. Cracks in swimming pool aren’t particularly uncommon here in the Phoenix area… Read More