Underwater Rebar Rust Stain Repair, Before and After

More underwater rebar rust stain repairs! Six pictures for you today showing the steps of a repair. As you can see this was a rebar rust stain about two inches wide, the customer noticed a smaller stain last fall and it continued to grow to the size we see here… Read More

Underwater Step Replacement in Public Pool

Underwater Steps
Here I removed two broken steps, top and second, from this public pool and replaced with two new ones. Notice in the first picture the broken steps, and in the second picture, from the top view that all of the steps are misaligned… Read More

Underwater Rebar Repair

Here I am digging out a large piece of rusted rebar or rebar rust stain. The stain itself was only about the size of a golf ball. The size of the stain or spot is never an indicator of how big the repair, patch, will be… Read More

Large Pebble Repair

This pool had a pretty large area of delaminated pebble on the swim out step. The first picture is what I saw on my inspection of the pool. Although this looks like a crack it is actually a “delam” that has broken free from the … Read More

Exposed Rebar

Exposed Rebar
I dug this rebar out and exposed all rusted material. I will now cut the rebar to remove, shape the cavity and patch with my cosmetically compatible material… Read More