Rope/Cup Anchor Replacement

Fixed Anchor

Swimming Pool Rope Anchor Replacements

Do you have loose or missing swimming pool rope hooks? These little anchors can cause a big headache when they’re loose, and even more of a hassle if they’re missing and you just can’t get them back into place.

The pool repair professionals at Underwater Operations can replace your swimming pool eyebolts and underwater rope anchors. Best of all, we do this without removing water from your pool! All of our pool repairs, including pool cup replacement, are done underwater.

Why Underwater?

Usually when pool work needs to be done under the level of the water, the pool needs to be partially or fully drained. Even a few hours of air and sunlight exposure can damage your pool’s finish. We specialize in performing repairs without the need to drain the pool at all. We have special tools and materials that are safe to use under the water. We’re actually the only company in Arizona to use these techniques, so you know you’re getting special treatment when you depend on the experts at Underwater Operations.

If you need your swimming pool rope anchors or other underwater hooks replaced or repaired, please give us a call!