Q – What repairs can Underwater Operations make for my pool?

A – Rebar (rust stains) repair, cracks, delaminated plaster and pebble, calcium nodule removal, pop-ups, drain covers, etc. Basically, any repair from the water level down.

Q – How can you repair a pool underwater?

A – Underwater Operations uses a patented plaster-based patch that is the key to the successful repair. In addition, we use a series of pneumatic tools to expose, cut and shape the repair area.

Q – How much does a repair cost?

A – About the same as traditional repair techniques, but, because you don’t drain the pool, there are no hidden costs, such as refilling and chemical startups that can cost up to an additional $150.

Q - What are the advantages of doing the repairs underwater?

A – First,  it is never safe to drain a pool for fear of structural cracking. Second, the sun can damage pool plaster in just a matter of hours, causing pops and blisters in the plaster, or irreparable plaster damage.

Q - Will the patch be noticeable?

A – Most of our patches are invisible from the pool surface. And with time most patches blend in completely. In fact, Underwater Operations does warranty repairs for many of the major pool builders in Maricopa County and the state of Arizona. Our repairs are cosmetically and structurally superior to any other repair techniques available.

Q – Why are you the only successful underwater pool repair company in Phoenix?

A – Underwater Operations has exclusive rights to the patented patching material and technique.