Rebar Repair & Rust Stain Removal

Underwater Rebar Repairs

Do you have rusty stains in your concrete pool? It’s likely coming from the steel reinforcing bar, often called the rebar, that is inches below the surface of the concrete. As time goes by and the bar gets rusty, the rust can leach out onto the concrete, causing an unsightly underwater rust stain.

Normally, pool rebar repair entails draining the pool and cutting out the offending portion of rebar before replacing it and the concrete. As you may already know, draining a pool, particularly under the hot Arizona sun, can lead to all sorts of problems, including structural damage and popped or bubbled concrete.

Swimming Pool Rebar Rust Repair

No one wants to swim in an ugly, stained swimming pool, but it’s pricey and inconvenient to drain and refill a pool, so this type of repair often gets pushed off. Not anymore!

At Underwater Operations, we are expert at removing rust stains underwater. Instead of potentially causing more damage to your pool by draining it, consider underwater rebar repair to keep the pool intact and save on your water bill. One of our pool professionals can take care of the problem without causing more problems. This is truly the most convenient and cost-effective way to perform pool rebar repair.

Please call us to find out more about our rebar repair services. We’re not afraid to get wet, so we can fix your pool and remove ugly stains without the need to drain the water.