Delaminated Plaster Surface Repair

Delaminated Pool Surface Repairs

Have you noticed plaster pops, separation or bubbling in the layers of your pool’s surface? This is called delamination, and it can occur for a wide range of reasons. It could be that oil or dirt got in between the layers of your pool when it was being built, or maybe your plaster swimming pool was drained for a repair on a hot day. In some cases, improper maintenance of water chemistry levels can contribute to or worsen existing delamination. What’s the answer?

We Provide Underwater Delaminated Swimming Pool Repair

Rather than have the pool drained, which subjects it to further delamination and can lead to plaster cracking, let the pool experts at Underwater Operations take care of the problem. Whether the peeling, popping, bubbling or cracking is taking place on the wall, floor or stairs of your pool, we can get the problem solved without removing the water from your pool.

Prevent further damage by contacting us today to talk about underwater delamination repairs for your pool. Call us or click here for more information and to speak to an experienced pool repair technician.