Pebble Repair

Pebble Tec Pool Repairs

Many pool owners decide to have Pebble Tec or other pebble-like finishes installed. These are great for many reasons! They often hold up longer than traditional cement, and they are scratch- and thermal-resistant. Plus, of course, they can transform your pool into a spa-like oasis with so many finishes available.

When pebble finishes settle, they sometimes lose stones. While this isn’t anything to worry about if the missing stones are small, if large areas become loose, it can be unsightly. Underwater Operations is proud to offer pebble swimming pool repairs.

Underwater Pebble Repair Keeps Your Pebble Tec in Great Shape

Traditionally, Pebble Tec pool repair is done after draining the pool. The problem with this is that when the hot sun shines down on the finish, further damage can occur. Even worse, structural cracking is always a concern when letting all or most of the water out of a swimming pool. For safe concrete pebble repairs, you can trust the pool experts at Underwater Operations.

We go beneath the surface of the water and fix your Pebble Tec without exposing it to the harsh sun or the dangers of pool drainage. Because we have exclusive rights to the patented underwater patching material, you can rest assured that we are the best company in the state to handle your underwater pebble repair.

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