Dye Test and Leak Repair

Pool Leak Detection By Experts

Does it seem to you as though your pool might be leaking? Slow leaks can frustrate homeowners, who keep adding more water and feel unsure as to whether the problem is actually a leak or simply evaporation under the hot sun, particularly in the summer. With our swimming pool dye testing services, we can pinpoint the problem and perform the leak repairs quickly and easily -- all without draining your pool!

Pool Leak Detection Gives You Confidence

When you trust Underwater Operations to perform pool leak detection, you can rest assured that we’ll get to the bottom of the problem. We’ll check for pool light leaks, filter leaks, tiny cracks in the liner that could be causing leaks, and more.

Once we find the area that has been compromised, we’ll perform the necessary underwater leak repairs without draining your pool. This is important, because working on a dry pool can actually cause further damage! You can keep your pool surface in good shape by insisting that repairs be done underwater instead of by removing the water from the pool in the first place.

If you suspect swimming pool filter leaks, a leak near your pool light or anywhere else in your pool, don’t wait. Contact us to schedule an appointment, and we’ll have your pool as good as new in no time.