Calcium Nodule Removal

Calcium Nodule Filled Pool

Swimming Pool Calcium Deposits

Have you noticed small white nodules in various areas around your pool. These are called calcium nodules, and are caused when the calcium inside of your pool’s cement reacts with the pool water. Calcium builds up and, over time, it can cause rough, rounded or pointy knots of mineral material that is not able to be simply wiped away.

In many cases, pool owners have had to resort to having their pools drained so the surface could be acid-washed. The problem with this method is that oftentimes, tiny cracks and crazing would be exposed, leading to more calcium leaching and, you guessed it, more nodule formation.

Stop the Calcium Nodule Cycle With Underwater Operations

At Underwater Operations, we can perform swimming pool calcium nodule removal without draining your pool. Instead, we treat the problem by going underwater and removing the calcium deposits. This underwater calcium removal allows us to take off the mineral deposits without causing further harm to your pool’s surface. It also means that you’ll save money by not having your pool drained, and your pool is saved from wear and tear from being drained and re-filled.

If calcium nodules are making you crazy, give us a call! We can help by removing it while your pool stays filled with water. Contact us today!