Pop-Up Extraction and Replacement

Swimming Pool Pop-up Extraction

If your swimming pool is equipped with a pop-up cleaning system in the floor, you’re accustomed to having less clean-up work to do in your pool, so you definitely notice when it’s not working properly! Instead of having your pool drained in order to perform a swimming pool pop-up extraction and replacement, we can get that done for you with no need to empty the pool.

At Underwater Operations, we perform underwater pop-up extraction using water-safe materials and tools. In no time at all, we’ll have your pop-ups replaced and you’ll be back to swimming in your clean, easy-to-maintain pool.

Don’t Let a Malfunctioning Pop-Up Cleaning Nozzles Get You Down

Allowing your cleaning system to languish makes more work for you, and if you don’t keep up with it, your pool’s water chemistry can change, causing even more problems. Do yourself a favor and call us at the first sign that your cleaning system isn’t working. Remember, we do all the work underwater, so you never have to worry about draining your pool and having it refilled.

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