How To Count Rebar Stains

How To Count Rebar Stains

Count Rebar Stains

When I’m ask to give an estimate to repair rebar stains I need to know how many stains I’ll be repairing. I ask customers to tell be how many rebar stains they have in their pool, if only one then I don’t need to look or inspect as I have a price schedule based on the location of the stain, age of the stain and pool finish type. Sometimes pool owners have more than one stain or a cluster of stains that can be confusing to count or describe over the phone which means I need to visit the pool for an inspection in order to give an estimate. I’ve posted a few pictures here to show how this can be confusing or difficult to count.

This one is a no-brainer, two stain, several feet apart means two different pieces of rebar. Here I would count this as two rebar repairs.

Click on pictures to enlarge if you like.

Two Rebar Feet Apart

This one is a bit more difficult.

Horizontal Line

Two stains on a horizontal line.

Horizontal or Vertical?

One horizontal or two vertical pieces of rebar?

This is a pool I repaired a couple of days ago. The pool owner called and said she had two stains on the wall and that they were kinda close together. She wanted an idea of price over the phone so I told her what I charged for two repairs so she would have an idea of maximum price it could cost. I wasn’t sure, based on her description, if this was going to be a single or double repair. I repaired her pool a couple of days later. This one was two pieces of rebar running vertically up the wall. See photo here.

What do we have here?

Three Rebar Rust Stains

This one could be tricky.

As it turned out this was one long piece of rebar, the resulting patch was only a few inches wide and several feet long. I did charge more than I do for one repair but less than I charge if it had been three different patches. I gave this pool owner a “not to exceed” price, based on three possible repairs, before I started. He was very happy with the price but even more happy with the result of my work. I wasn’t able to get an after picture on this pool due to a dead camera battery, if he didn’t live so far out of town or if I’m ever in his area again I will look him up for some pictures.