Rebar Rust Stain

Rebar Stain Above Return Line

This is a nasty looking rebar rust stain is just above the return line and below the waterline tile. I certainly don’t want to damage the plumbing or tile so I’ll need to be careful when digging this one out. … Read More

How To Count Rebar Stains

Count Rebar Stains
When I’m ask to give an estimate to repair rebar stains I need to know how many stains I’ll be repairing. I ask customers to tell be how many rebar stains they have in their pool, if only one then I don’t need to look or inspect … Read More

Depth is a Little Shallow I Would Say

Rebar Details
This is a rebar rust stain in a pebble finished pool. The pool was inside the builder’s warranty period and they wanted to know why the pool was having rebar stain problems in a practically brand new pool, I’m very sure the pool… Read More

Ugliest Rebar Rust Stain Ever!

Ugly Rebar Rust Stain
This is an older rebar rust stain repair I did a couple of years ago. I lost the digital picture files but had some prints to scan, so here we go. This has to be one of the ugliest rebar rust stains I have ever seen in a pool, in fact there are… Read More

Underwater Rebar Repair

Here I am digging out a large piece of rusted rebar or rebar rust stain. The stain itself was only about the size of a golf ball. The size of the stain or spot is never an indicator of how big the repair, patch, will be… Read More