Underwater Rust Stain Repair

Rebar Stain Above Return Line

This is a nasty looking rebar rust stain is just above the return line and below the waterline tile. I certainly don’t want to damage the plumbing or tile so I’ll need to be careful when digging this one out. … Read More

How To Count Rebar Stains

Count Rebar Stains
When I’m ask to give an estimate to repair rebar stains I need to know how many stains I’ll be repairing. I ask customers to tell be how many rebar stains they have in their pool, if only one then I don’t need to look or inspect … Read More

Mine vs. Theirs

Here is a pool that had been repaired by another company a couple of months ago, it wasn’t repaired correctly and now the rust stain is back. There was no attempt to removed the rebar and they only managed to dig into the finish… Read More

Ugliest Rebar Rust Stain Ever!

Ugly Rebar Rust Stain
This is an older rebar rust stain repair I did a couple of years ago. I lost the digital picture files but had some prints to scan, so here we go. This has to be one of the ugliest rebar rust stains I have ever seen in a pool, in fact there are… Read More

Underwater Rebar Repair

Here I am digging out a large piece of rusted rebar or rebar rust stain. The stain itself was only about the size of a golf ball. The size of the stain or spot is never an indicator of how big the repair, patch, will be… Read More