Rebar Stain Above Return Line

Rebar Stain Above Return Line


This is a nasty looking rebar rust stain is just above the return line and below the waterline tile. I certainly don’t want to damage the plumbing or tile so I’ll need to be careful when digging this one out.

Outside View
Rust Stain

Pool water conditions about 50° with medium particulate level.

Close View

This is the roughed out repair cavity. Double click to enlarge view, I added notes and points of interest.

Extracted Rebar
Clean Ends
Good vs Bad Rebar
Finished Repair

This repair took about an hour and a half. I didn’t know before I got started if the rusting rebar was in a vertical or horizontal orientation, it really doesn’t matter but if you twisted my arm I would tell you that I would prefer it to be vertical.