Underwater Pool Repair

Rebar Stain Above Return Line

This is a nasty looking rebar rust stain is just above the return line and below the waterline tile. I certainly don’t want to damage the plumbing or tile so I’ll need to be careful when digging this one out. … Read More

Leaking Pool Crack

Dye Test
I tested and repaired a pool for a local pool builder today. This pool was about twelve years old and had been replastered once, kudos to the builder for honoring their warranty. The pool had a crack about six feet long… Read More

Ironite Fertilizer Stains

Ironite Before
This is what happen when Ironite, or other fertilizer, ends up in your pool. I get calls from homeowners and landscape companies asking if I can help. Yes I can, but if there aren’t too many and you get to them quickly enough you… Read More

Ultra-Poz Sapphire Rebar Rust Stain Repair

Here is a golf ball sized rebar rust stain on the bench back of this Ultra-Poz Sapphire finished pool. These can be a bit more difficult to repair than rebar rust stains on the floor or wall of a pool. Most of these involve patching… Read More

Underwater Step Replacement in Public Pool

Underwater Steps
Here I removed two broken steps, top and second, from this public pool and replaced with two new ones. Notice in the first picture the broken steps, and in the second picture, from the top view that all of the steps are misaligned… Read More