Ugliest Rebar Rust Stain Ever!

Ugliest Rebar Rust Stain Ever!

Ugly Rebar Rust Stain

Rebar Stain Before   Rebar Stain   Working on Stain
Rust Stain   Fixed Rebar Stain

This is an older rebar rust stain repair I did a couple of years ago. I lost the digital picture files but had some prints to scan, so here we go.

This has to be one of the ugliest rebar rust stains I have ever seen in a pool, in fact there are three stains in this pool as you can see in the first picture. One on the wall, and two previously partially repaired, directly below on the floor. All had been worked on before by someone else. It looks to me like they didn’t finish the repair! The big one on the wall was left open, you can see the exposed rebar and hole in the second picture. The first thing I wanted to do when I got into the pool was see if I could remove all the residual rust trailing down the wall, sometimes this is almost impossible and is an important reason to have these rust stains repaired quickly, correctly and completely. Next I dug out and cut out all the rusted rebar, plaster and shotcrete from these infected areas, I then patched with my cosmetically compatible patching material. The final picture was taken the next day from a better angle. The light and skimmer in both pictures with give you a point of reference on where the patch is, can you see it?

The rust stain trailing down and up the wall came out completely, this is not always the case. If these rebar rust stains are neglected the residual rust surrounding the infected area will penetrate into the pores of the plaster and require a bigger patch which is not always cost effective or possible without damage.