Leak At The Main Drain Line

Leak At The Main Drain Line

Dye Test

Here is a rather aggressive leak at the main drain. At first I didn’t notice any voids around the perimeter of the plumbing line and finish material, but I did see a bit of fine dust and algae, so I started the dye test. The dye doesn’t lie. I cleaned the dust and algae and set up my video camera to show the process of this test and repair.

Now it's time to cut out and remove the finish material.

Look closely and you will see a small crack in the shotcrete. I could actually feel the draw of the water as I put my finger on and above the crack.

Next, it's time to patch.

This is why I always test. It’s not always possible to see voids and holes due to algae, dust and other sediments. In fact, small debris can slow or stop a leak like this temporarily, only to start leaking again.