Overpriced Pop-up

MagnaSweep, way overpriced!

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Hold your mouse cursor over the pictures above to identify your brand of pop-up.

These are some of the common types of pop-up cleaning heads I see in the Phoenix area. If you have pop-ups in your pool and unsure which brand they are this may help you. Most pop-up come in different colors to match or blend in with your pool’s finish color. Some of the older brands even have different mounting styles and nozzle sizes depending on where they are located in the pool. You may be able to buy a removal tool from you local retail shop, but be careful of price.

There are four things you need to know when replacing or buying pop-ups.

  • Brand.
  • Color.
  • Placement: Floor, step or bench. This determines nozzle size, large for floor or small for step and bench.
  • Mounting type. Screw in or bayonet mount.

One of the pictures above has a price tag from a local retail pool store. I blotted out the retailer’s name because I didn’t mean to pick on them but this is a ridiculous price to pay for a pop-up. Most pool owners don’t know this but if you are the original owner of the pool your pop-up may be under a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. So dig out the paperwork and call the pool builder for help.

When pop-ups break off in the receiver and can’t be easily removed for replacement, call me, I will extract the broken pop-up without damaging the receiver and install the new one for you.

I will update this topic with more pictures as I find them.