Classic Example of Pebble Delam

Pebble Delam on Step
This is a classic example of a pebble surface delaminated from the shotcrete sub-surface. Enlarge the picture by clicking on it. Notice the white or chalky looking material? Now look at the smoothness of the shotcrete finish… Read More

The Effect of Rust on the Reinforcement Bars, or Rebar

Here are three pictures of a piece of rusted rebar I removed from a pool a couple of weeks ago. The rebar rust stain this came from was about the size a tennis ball. Click to enlarge if you like. These are about as hi res as I… Read More

Underwater Rebar Rust Stain Repair Videos

Rust Stain Repair Video
Here are a couple of videos of a rebar rust stain I repaired today. View in order if you please… Read More

Cutting Out a Broken Step

I cut out and removed this broken step then replaced with a new one. Once again these steps were misaligned so I moved the new one over a little to the left. Look at some of the other step replacement post here and here to… Read More

Mine vs. Theirs

Here is a pool that had been repaired by another company a couple of months ago, it wasn’t repaired correctly and now the rust stain is back. There was no attempt to removed the rebar and they only managed to dig into the finish… Read More