Rebar Rust Stain Behind Waterline Tile

Rust Stain on Tile
Here is a rebar rust stain coming from behind the waterline tile. The pool builder had repaired this several times before, or so they thought. This particular pool builder doesn’t provide me with many details of previous… Read More

Ultra-Poz Sapphire Rebar Rust Stain Repair

Here is a golf ball sized rebar rust stain on the bench back of this Ultra-Poz Sapphire finished pool. These can be a bit more difficult to repair than rebar rust stains on the floor or wall of a pool. Most of these involve patching… Read More


Here is a delam I repaired last week. The pool was drained when I got there. As I usually do when I repair a delam on pebble type finishes I tap around with a small chisel to find the outer edges of the delaminated pebble tec… Read More

Ugliest Rebar Rust Stain Ever!

Ugly Rebar Rust Stain
This is an older rebar rust stain repair I did a couple of years ago. I lost the digital picture files but had some prints to scan, so here we go. This has to be one of the ugliest rebar rust stains I have ever seen in a pool, in fact there are… Read More

More Broken Wall Steps

Underwater Steps
More broken plastic wall steps repaired today at a nationally known fitness center in Scottsdale. The indoor pool had cloudy water and the ambient light was dim so I don’t have any more pictures for now, I get to go back and take some follow up… Read More