Leaking Pool Crack

Dye Test
I tested and repaired a pool for a local pool builder today. This pool was about twelve years old and had been replastered once, kudos to the builder for honoring their warranty. The pool had a crack about six feet long… Read More

Underwater Tile Repair

Tile Before Repair
This pool had some missing tile on the floor and walls. The included before and after pictures and video (below) show the largest area of repair. In order to have a nice looking repair I removed all the remaining loose tile and squared up … Read More

How To Count Rebar Stains

Count Rebar Stains
When I’m ask to give an estimate to repair rebar stains I need to know how many stains I’ll be repairing. I ask customers to tell be how many rebar stains they have in their pool, if only one then I don’t need to look or inspect … Read More

Embedded Debris or Impurities

Lump of Debris
Here is a pebbled pool that had some debris embedded in the finish. This is a common problem, whether it’s organic impurities (seeds, flower pods, leaves and even dead bugs), or trash from the pebble crew (Yuck), it can drive… Read More

Depth is a Little Shallow I Would Say

Rebar Details
This is a rebar rust stain in a pebble finished pool. The pool was inside the builder’s warranty period and they wanted to know why the pool was having rebar stain problems in a practically brand new pool, I’m very sure the pool… Read More